March 1 - Improving your asset management experience, one step at a time
What’s SuperNew:
  • You can now delete assets in bulk from the Assets page. Select, delete, confirm—that’s all it takes.
  • We’ve added common custom fields that will apply automatically for all types of asset classes. Super-useful for collecting generic, manufacturer-agnostic information.
Things we’ve improved:
  • Added last reported time in the workstation list
  • Automatically update IT doc count after its creation in the IT Documentation section
  • Froala editor for ITDOC, to give you all rich text editing capabilities
  • Added support for the Icelandic Krona. Jæja!
  • Doughnut chart support added
  • Legend will be shown in the Pie chart when the number of group by is more than 15
On today’s episode of bug busters:
We are also continuously improving our user experience with more refinements. Watch this space for more such updates.