May 31 - Get comfortable managing assets
What’s SuperNew!
  • Asset data visibility in the client portal:
    Clients can now view their asset data from the client portal. This will enable them to have a better understanding of their devices and facilitate communication with their technicians.
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 2
  • Export invoices in bulk to any of your bookkeeping tools. You can also automate this function with our APIs.
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  • See key metrics once you open by setting up widgets and charts on your home screen.
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Quick wins:
  1. Users can now upgrade to superior plans, and renew, and purchase plans after their trial period directly within the app.
  2. We’ve added the option to schedule and share recurring PDF and data reports to clients automatically.
  3. You can now include details of the CPU and memory data in your data reports.
  4. Conveniently view all the assets pending to be patched under each patch, and batch them for patch approval using filter and sort options.
  5. Your messages to clients on your invoices in will be synced to QuickBooks Online from now on.
  6. Added support for the Swedish language.
On today’s episode of BugBusters:
We’ve also polished some rough edges in the product to make your experience utterly seamless.
As always, feel free to leave your feature requests, feedback, and suggestions here. We’d love to hear from you!
New Feature
What’s SuperNew
  • Create new clients from the unknown tickets page:
We’ve simplified the process of associating unknown tickets with clients. If you need to create a new client, we’ve got you covered; create it on the same page and associate the ticket with them right away.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3
  • Go beyond scheduling invoices:
We’ve improved the flexibility to send invoices in bulk. Select items from the billing queue, and click the Generate Invoice button to add them to an invoice with a click.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3
  • Take stock of your worklogs:
We’ve introduced a new attribute to your widgets to help you evaluate how well your technicians are managing their time. Add the worklog attribute to your widgets to dissect time spent on worklogs just the way you want.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3
Things we’ve improved
  • While sending invoices to clients, the invoice is now included as a PDF attachment in the email instead of a link to the invoice.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3
  • You can now choose the mailbox from which the side conversation for the invoice and quote should be sent.
Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 6
  • Filters for business hours have been added to automation so that you may create conditions and have events generated when they are met.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3
  • From the patch list page itself, you can now approve, install, and reject patches for multiple assets by bulk-selecting them.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3
  • Under the Managed Software tab in the asset details page, you can now see when software was installed, and when it was last updated.
Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 6
  • Quickly associate assets to tickets with just three taps.
  • Remember that annoying feeling when you type in your TFA code and click Enter, just for it to have expired a second ago? Well, you can forget all about it—because we just introduced automatic submission immediately after entering TFA details.
  • Want to write an email to a client or requester? Easy! Click on the email address from the client details page or requester page and you’ll be taken to the default email app in your mail.
On today’s episode of BugBusters:
We’ve squashed a bunch of bugs and gotten rid of a few glitches to ensure that you have a buttery smooth experience using our platform.
New Feature
3rd May 2023 – More reports and integrations to the arsenal
What’s SuperNew:
  • PDF reports:
    With our PDF reports, you can generate and share downloadable PDF reports with your team. Currently, we’ve introduced three RMM reports to help you track the status of your endpoints.
  1. Patch Summary Report
  2. Patch Details Report
  3. Software Inventory Report
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 6
  • Data reports:
    Data reports let you build highly customizable reports by linking various modules with their related entities. There are also canned data reports for asset inventory, invoice summary, patch compliance, and worklog details.
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 3
  • Integration with Hudu:
    Stay organized while building and sharing global and company-specific knowledge by integrating with Hudu.
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9
  • Integration with SentinelOne:
    Deploy SentinelOne automatically on all your client’s assets to keep them protected from a multitude of online threats.
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 9
  • We’ve introduced a
    new onboarding experience
    to help you explore the platform on your own, learn about everything that has to offer, and capture maximum value for your business.
Untitled (1)
Things we’ve improved:
  • See the assets that have not been online for the last 7 days with the new "Inactive Assets" asset view.
  • Edit service items and worklog notes in the invoice audit for those last-minute changes.
  • We have allowed you to choose the mailbox from which you can start your side conversations with your vendors.
  • You can find your "last logged-in user" by using the global search.
  • Invoice notes and messages will be pushed to QuickBooks Online’s “invoice on message” field, stay sorted!
  • Find which ticket/project is associated with a task from the task list along with their client and site.
  • Your invoice exports now display the site to which each invoice corresponds.
On today’s episode of Bugbusters:
We’ve also polished some rough edges in the product to make your experience utterly seamless.
As always, feel free to leave your feature requests, feedback, and suggestions here. We’d love to hear from you!
New Feature
What’s SuperNew
  • New page for your requesters:
Information about the ticket and client is important, as is the requester's information. That’s why we’ve introduced a Requester Details page in SuperOps, where you can see all the tickets and assets associated with this requester along with the client they represent.
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 4
  • Manage policies from the asset page:
You can now edit group-based policies without continually switching between the asset page and the policy page. Quickly manage and change group-based policies by clicking the "Manage Policies" button on the Policies tab, right from the asset page.
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 6
  • Populating email signatures in client conversations:
If you’re looking for a sign(ature), then this is it—the business emails you send to your clients will now include your email signature.
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 4
  • Biometric authentication:
You can now experience a secure, no-time-out session by enabling biometrics for your mobile app.
  • Auto-fill passwords:
Do you find it tedious to have to enter your password each time you need to log in? With the help of our auto-fill password options, we've made it simpler for you. Now, you may easily log in to the SuperOps mobile app using your credentials from other password managers.
  • Bitlocker Status on Asset page:
You can now see your device's Bitlocker status and the recovery key from the asset page.
  • Mandatory fields in tickets:
When opening, resolving, and closing tickets, it is now possible to include mandatory fields.
On today’s episode of Bugbusters
We’ve squashed some pesky bugs and cleaned up a few glitches on the platform to give you a smoother, bug-free experience.
New Feature
April 5 – Ticketing, documentation, and billing made better.
What’s New!
  • See all your unknown tickets in a list view, delete them if necessary, or associate the ticket with a client or a requester, without switching tabs.
  • Introduced mandatory ticket fields, so nothing important is missed out.
  • [Mobile] Easily remove or associate an asset within the IT document. You can do that to the IT docs within an asset and add attachments too, simple!
Simulator Screen Recording - iPhone 14 - 2023-04-04 at 11
(Want to try it out for yourself? Install the mobile app here → iOS | Android)
  • Bulk-send your invoices now, swoosh!
  • You no longer have to wait to send invoices. They can be auto-sent as soon as they’re generated.
  • See which of your software needs to be updated and update all the software you manage for an asset in one go.
Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 2
  • We’ve introduced language support for Portuguese.
    , right?
On today’s episode of BugBusters:
We’re constantly squashing bugs and improving our user experience with more tiny but impactful refinements. Watch this space for more such updates.
In the meantime, if you have any feature requests or suggestions, please drop them here. We would love to take a look!
New Feature
What’s SuperNew?
  1. Default Reports
    : Default reports are an easy, instant way to get insights about common metrics like alerts, performance, etc with zero effort. Give it a glance!
image (85)
2. We’ve added requester custom fields to CSV imports. This way, the unique information from your custom fields is also added to your requesters.
image (86)
Secure fields as custom fields
: If you’re handling sensitive client data, you’ll absolutely need security. Now, create secure custom fields to encrypt and secure sensitive information.
image (87)
[Mobile] Search Bar
: We’ve introduced a modern search bar that makes finding that one item you need across the module a breeze.
image (1)
[Mobile] IT documentation on the Asset summary page:
You can now see a list of all the IT documents associated with an asset to give you important context on the go.
6. [
] With only two clicks, you can now get a list of all requesters from the client page.
image (2)
Quick releases:
  1. From the asset list view, you can now check the BitLocker status and the patch status for your assets.
image (88)
2. In the alert list view page, we've also introduced a column where you can now see the exact time that an alert was resolved.
image (89)
3. Additionally, we’ve added a Log name column in the Event log page for every asset.
image (90)
On today’s episode of BugBusters:
We’ve squashed some pesky bugs an d cleaned up a few glitches on the platform to give you a smoother, bug-free experience.
March 1 - Improving your asset management experience, one step at a time
What’s SuperNew:
  • You can now delete assets in bulk from the Assets page. Select, delete, confirm—that’s all it takes.
  • We’ve added common custom fields that will apply automatically for all types of asset classes. Super-useful for collecting generic, manufacturer-agnostic information.
Things we’ve improved:
  • Added last reported time in the workstation list
  • Automatically update IT doc count after its creation in the IT Documentation section
  • Froala editor for ITDOC, to give you all rich text editing capabilities
  • Added support for the Icelandic Krona. Jæja!
  • Doughnut chart support added
  • Legend will be shown in the Pie chart when the number of group by is more than 15
On today’s episode of bug busters:
We are also continuously improving our user experience with more refinements. Watch this space for more such updates.
New Feature
What’s SuperNew:
Search bar:
We’ve worked on a search bar that’s easy and makes searching for items between modules as simple as possible.
Integration with QuickBooks Desktop:
We’ve added the on-premise version of QuickBooks to our arsenal of integrations! We’ve made it super easy to manage your bookkeeping and bring your clients, items, and taxes into
Custom mail server:
You can now connect your own mail server with to have a personalized interaction with your clients.
Side conversations:
This is a big one! You can now have conversations with external stakeholders from itself. All your business interactions can be organized in a single thread with side conversations.
Tax splitting for Invoices and Quotes:
You can now split taxes for invoices and quotes at an item level.
Show/hide company info in invoice templates:
You have more control over the invoices you send to clients by choosing to show or hide your company’s info in invoice templates.
Disc partition for Mac
: You can now view split-up disk details for assets for mac devices too!
IT document in the client portal
: Help your customers help themselves by sharing troubleshooting guides as IT documents with your clients. All they need to do is log in to their client portal and use the IT documents to fix small issues on their own.
Tab refresh
: You don’t have to refresh the entire page to get up-to-date information. We’ve added a tab refresh icon to quickly reload the tab you’re on.
[Mobile] Quick actions for ticket and asset list:
You can now access a variety of ticket actions on the go, like changing the technician, requester, client, or status, or even resolving and closing a ticket right from the ticket list view. All you need to do is press and hold the ticket for a couple of seconds, and choose the action you want to perform. Similarly, you can also run a script or reboot the asset from the asset list view.
Agent rebranding:
Want to deliver a white-labeled experience to your customers? You can do that by customizing the SuperOps agent’s name and icon from the settings page itself.
QuickBooks/Xero override invoice ID:
You no longer have to map your QuickBooks/Xero invoice ID with’s invoice ID. You can now use the same invoice ID on both tools.
Adding Signatures to individual mailboxes:
You can now choose which name and email signature you want to send along with your email responses to clients in individual mailboxes!
[Mobile] Improved attachments:
Who doesn’t like having options? That’s why we’ve included more attachment file type options for you to choose from: Finding it difficult to add different types of files to attachments? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easier for you. You can now add any type of file, be it a photo or a PDF, from your device as an attachment to your tickets.
Mobile] Recording voice notes
: If you’re on the move and don’t feel like typing out a note, then we have good news. Just record your message as a voice note in the notes tab of the ticket.
Add IT docs from the client’s details page:
Looking at providing documentation for a specific client? Now, it’s as simple as clicking a button on the client’s details page.
Wake on LAN in policy management:
You can now enable Wake on LAN patch configuration for your assets in Policy management.
Patch window for installation
: You can now configure a window of time, during which the patch will be installed in your client’s windows assets.
What’s SuperNew
In-built quote management
Introducing’s in-built quote management capabilities to help you unlock more business opportunities with your clients and ensure a predictable cash flow for your business.
With’s quoting module, you can:
Create, revise and send quotes to clients with ease
Manage approvals within the platform
Track back and see how a quote’s evolved at every step with version history
Make meaningful decisions with quote conversations threaded across each version of the quote
Convert quotes into ready-to-send invoices with a single click
Wake on LAN for Windows
Wake your client’s assets with a single click and ensure that critical patch deployments are a success every time.
New Feature
7th December 2022–What you need, at fewer than a few clicks
What’s SuperNew:
  • Ticket creation on mobile app:
    You can now create tickets within the mobile app, and apply custom forms while creating tickets. Do more, even while on the move!
  • Contract line item reminders:
    Subscription line items about to expire? Keep a tab with automatic reminder tickets.
  • IT documentation attachments:
    Create a comprehensive and contextual information repository with the ability to upload attachments to your documentation.
  • Deferred patching:
    Delay the deployment of specific patch categories to make sure they’re safe to deploy.
  • MacOS patch management:
    The feature is now enabled for all users! Check it out & let us know what you think.
Things we’ve improved:
  • Want to know if a client has enough block hours left for a request? You can now know at a glance, right when adding a worklog.
  • Reboot your Windows and Mac assets with a single click from within the asset. No need to wait for the client to reply or follow up to troubleshoot an emergency issue.
  • Now you can create a requester while creating the ticket. Because, why put the issue on hold until a requester is created? Hop on to support right away!
  • We’ve added more help articles inside the product to ensure you have a smooth experience using the product. No roadblocks. No hunting for information.
On today’s episode of bugbusters:
We’ve been building a lot of new things, and we’re building fast. All this while ensuring the features are tested and retested to address any anomalies then and there. Hope your experience is improving each day and you’re as excited as us to know what’s to come!
Watch this space to know what we are up to.
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