What’s SuperNew:
Search bar:
We’ve worked on a search bar that’s easy and makes searching for items between modules as simple as possible.
Integration with QuickBooks Desktop:
We’ve added the on-premise version of QuickBooks to our arsenal of integrations! We’ve made it super easy to manage your bookkeeping and bring your clients, items, and taxes into SuperOps.ai.
Custom mail server:
You can now connect your own mail server with SuperOps.ai to have a personalized interaction with your clients.
Side conversations:
This is a big one! You can now have conversations with external stakeholders from SuperOps.ai itself. All your business interactions can be organized in a single thread with side conversations.
Tax splitting for Invoices and Quotes:
You can now split taxes for invoices and quotes at an item level.
Show/hide company info in invoice templates:
You have more control over the invoices you send to clients by choosing to show or hide your company’s info in invoice templates.
Disc partition for Mac
: You can now view split-up disk details for assets for mac devices too!
IT document in the client portal
: Help your customers help themselves by sharing troubleshooting guides as IT documents with your clients. All they need to do is log in to their client portal and use the IT documents to fix small issues on their own.
Tab refresh
: You don’t have to refresh the entire page to get up-to-date information. We’ve added a tab refresh icon to quickly reload the tab you’re on.
[Mobile] Quick actions for ticket and asset list:
You can now access a variety of ticket actions on the go, like changing the technician, requester, client, or status, or even resolving and closing a ticket right from the ticket list view. All you need to do is press and hold the ticket for a couple of seconds, and choose the action you want to perform. Similarly, you can also run a script or reboot the asset from the asset list view.
Agent rebranding:
Want to deliver a white-labeled experience to your customers? You can do that by customizing the SuperOps agent’s name and icon from the settings page itself.
QuickBooks/Xero override invoice ID:
You no longer have to map your QuickBooks/Xero invoice ID with SuperOps.ai’s invoice ID. You can now use the same invoice ID on both tools.
Adding Signatures to individual mailboxes:
You can now choose which name and email signature you want to send along with your email responses to clients in individual mailboxes!
[Mobile] Improved attachments:
Who doesn’t like having options? That’s why we’ve included more attachment file type options for you to choose from: Finding it difficult to add different types of files to attachments? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easier for you. You can now add any type of file, be it a photo or a PDF, from your device as an attachment to your tickets.
Mobile] Recording voice notes
: If you’re on the move and don’t feel like typing out a note, then we have good news. Just record your message as a voice note in the notes tab of the ticket.
Add IT docs from the client’s details page:
Looking at providing documentation for a specific client? Now, it’s as simple as clicking a button on the client’s details page.
Wake on LAN in policy management:
You can now enable Wake on LAN patch configuration for your assets in Policy management.
Patch window for installation
: You can now configure a window of time, during which the patch will be installed in your client’s windows assets.