New Feature

7th December 2022–What you need, at fewer than a few clicks
What’s SuperNew:
  • Ticket creation on mobile app:
    You can now create tickets within the mobile app, and apply custom forms while creating tickets. Do more, even while on the move!
  • Contract line item reminders:
    Subscription line items about to expire? Keep a tab with automatic reminder tickets.
  • IT documentation attachments:
    Create a comprehensive and contextual information repository with the ability to upload attachments to your documentation.
  • Deferred patching:
    Delay the deployment of specific patch categories to make sure they’re safe to deploy.
  • MacOS patch management:
    The feature is now enabled for all users! Check it out & let us know what you think.
Things we’ve improved:
  • Want to know if a client has enough block hours left for a request? You can now know at a glance, right when adding a worklog.
  • Reboot your Windows and Mac assets with a single click from within the asset. No need to wait for the client to reply or follow up to troubleshoot an emergency issue.
  • Now you can create a requester while creating the ticket. Because, why put the issue on hold until a requester is created? Hop on to support right away!
  • We’ve added more help articles inside the product to ensure you have a smooth experience using the product. No roadblocks. No hunting for information.
On today’s episode of bugbusters:
We’ve been building a lot of new things, and we’re building fast. All this while ensuring the features are tested and retested to address any anomalies then and there. Hope your experience is improving each day and you’re as excited as us to know what’s to come!
Watch this space to know what we are up to.
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